The Facts on Human Trafficking


Human trafficking is a form of modern day slavery –

150 billion dollar worldwide  industry –

2nd largest criminal industry in the world next to drugs –

600,00 people are trafficked across the USA every year –

Entry age for girls is  12-14 –

Average lifespan for a girl on the streets is 7 yrs.

It is BIG business according to     Human Rights First

2016   Fact Sheet     

$99 Billion  from sexual exploitation

$51 Billion  from construction, manufacturing, mining  labor,  to agriculture and domestic servitude

55%  around the world are women and girls, 45% are men and boys with the largest numbers in the Asian-Pacific region 11.7 million, Africa 3.7 million, followed by Latin America and the Carribean 1.8 million .   Then Eastern Europe followed by the developed European countries  have an estimated 1.6 million.  The middle East has an estimated 600,00 victims.