The Solution

How Can You Help?      Be Part of the Solution.

Everyone can do something

  • Go to the Hemp Etc. – this website supports  our organization, Set My People Free
  •  Learn the signs of human trafficking- Call the  Hotline for suspicious activity 1-888-373-7888
  • Volunteer at a human trafficking organization in your area
  • Educate your family and friends on the signs of human trafficking
  • Donate to one of the many human trafficking charities
  • Take classes in your community to further your knowledge on human trafficking
  • Fundraise – Have a party or event to raise money and awareness for a human trafficking charity
  • Sell items and donate money (on Ebay or other sites)  Things you don’t need or make something to sell and donate to a human trafficking charity
  • Watch Movies/Documentaries on human trafficking to be more informed


To learn more go to:

*These are just a few of the websites helping to inform people about human trafficking.



Movies/Documentaries:    *Many of theses movies are graphic in content and language.*

Google movies on human trafficking, there are quite a few,


Whistleblower 2010

Taken 2008

Human Trafficking 2005

Trade 2007

Sex Traffic 2004

Easter Promises 2007

Trade of Innocence  2012

and many more.



In Plain sight 2013

Born into Brothels- Academy Award Winner 2005

Cecelia 2015

Girl Model 2011

The Storm Maker 2014

Traces of the Trade 2008

There are quite a few movies and documentaries made on human trafficking which would be helpful to watch and to suggest to people.